Our Story

    Brewing Fine Tea   

Inspired by all things flavorful & the solemn Japanese way of tea; We bring you some of the most distinguished and exotic range of premium teas, curated from some of the most celebrated, tea gardens in the world.


With a competitive level of flavorful tea, ranging from premium to CTC (crush, tear and curl) tea, we constantly strive, to provide our tea connoisseurs with some of the finest quality of fresh ingredients, pure extracts and crisp aromas that will take them on an endless yet, exceptional tea tasting quest.


Our tea collection is carefully curated based on the purity of the tea leaves and of course, our love for premium blends that tell the tale of its origins. Whether you are craving for black tea, green tea, oolong tea or something more exquisite, we have got you covered with our fantastic premium blends that are waiting to be savoured by you.